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My journey into the world of design began just as any Graphic Designer does: a typical fifteen-year-old pondering the wonders of the world as I searched for my calling in life. It wasn't until I went to my first newspaper meeting in high school on a dare that I really found what I was passionate about design. The moment I sat down and listened, I knew I had found my calling. With the support of my teacher, I set off on my career path to becoming a Graphic Designer. On my sixteenth birthday, I was hired in my first print shop. I continued my education at Central Connecticut State University and earned my bachelor's degree in Graphic and Information Design, where my love for design continued to grow as I engrossed myself in the field.

I have designed for a number of clients across the nation. The designs range from flyer designs, and social/web media to complete rebranding of companies. Along with this work, I have developed a desire to travel and explore different cultures and places for inspiration.... and let's not forget the coffee! This has helped me create and strengthen relationships with people and businesses alike. In 2017 I got married to my amazing husband Jason, became an official Bonus Mom to my stepdaughter Kaitlyn, and am a mom to my beautiful daughter Kiara. Designing allows me to work but also spend quality time with them!


Now it's time for Kelsey Lyon to show the world what I have to offer!

Thank you to God, my husband, kids, parents, friends, clients, and family for supporting my dreams and drive me toward success.

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